In the ever-evolving landscape of Tomorrow, New Future is an editorial series that explores and imagine the cusp of our future reality from the way we eat to the ways we live.

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Food packaging with a conscience with Elisa Naquevi

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, social distancing measures have changed consumer behaviour especially towards the food sector. With higher demand for take out orders, this has resulted in an increase of household plastic waste and use of single-use plastics.

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New Future: Open Meals

We spoke to Yusuke Sakaki, founder of OPEN MEALS and Art Director at Dentsu Inc. to learn more about how OPEN MEALS has evolved over the years and what the near future for food will look like.

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Features: Ronald Kamiyama of Bar Cicheti

As part of our StayHome project, sommelier Ronald Kamiyama of Bar Cicheti shares with us some of the basics on wine pairing and his personal recommendations.

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The Art of Extreme Fermentation

While there is an extensive science behind fermentation, the basic idea revolves around the process in which yeast or bacteria interacts with sugars and starches that are naturally occurring in food products.

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The Understated Creativity of Koji Nammoku

Nammoku’s creations are always interesting, though never flashy. Infusions and surprising mixes of flavour profiles are not uncommon in his signature styles – and when combined with precision and meticulous and radical Japanese mixology techniques, his work always speaks for itself.

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Advanced Dining: By The Picnic and Telok Ayer Arts Club

Advanced Dining is a bespoke dining experience that wants you to examine how you experience food—and life, for that matter. It traces the fascinating relationship between humans and food, and is the perfect vehicle for contemplating the otherwise easily overlooked act of eating.

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Features: Ivan Yeo of The 1925 Brewery Co.

With much of his fondest memories from his childhood revolving around food, it is unsurprising that Ivan Yeo, the chef of The 1925 Brewing Co, has his Teochew roots prominently show through in the menu’s offerings.

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Sagaya: Beyond the Plate

Guests enter a small blacked-out room, which allows only up to eight people to be seated per session. However, a closer look reveals that the dinnerware are more than what meets the eye...

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Haibara: Modern Letters

Haibara century old heritage saw a loyal following of writers and artists, many of whom are fans of Haibara’s Gampi paper – its silk-like glossy surface makes it the perfect canvas for many artists and writers. Some of these artists then became the creative force behind some of the most iconic pieces...

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Sake Bar O: A Hidden Story

When asked about the concept of the space, head sommelier Kumi Hitomi replied, “moonlight”. As if to highlight the statement, Hitomi pours us a glass of Meibo Yowano Tsuki Junmai Ginjo - a sake (aptly) named Midnight Moon...

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Going Behind The Seams

You are what you wear. Introducing the masters behind the our everyday fashion. We find out what goes behind the seams of bespoke fashion, handmade to last through generations, and a lifetime spent to preserve the craftsmanship.

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The Luminaries: Brift H

It’s 6pm in the glitzy district of Aoyama, and World Champion of Shoe Shining, Yuya Hasegawa’s shoe lounge - Brift H is bustling with customers. In a culture where things are made to last...

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The Luminaries: Shuzo Nagumo

With long shaggy hair, dressed in a white suit, and often found working behind a slew of ‘laboratory equipments’, Shuzo Nagumo can be described as a...

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The Luminaries: Yohei Fukuda

A legend of the bespoke shoe industry, Yohei Fukuda has been crafting some of the most elegant and refined footwear for men since 2008. In celebration of 10 years of bespoke mastery, Yohei Fukuda is now launching his eponymous Ready-to-Wear shoe collection.