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With long shaggy hair, dressed in a white suit, and often found working behind a slew of ‘laboratory equipments’, Shuzo Nagumo can be described as a scientist, bartender and even an artist at first encounter. It goes without saying, there is more to the man than just his physical semblance to any of these roles. In fact, it would not be far fetched to say he is indeed a culmination of each, on a league of his own.

After all, Shuzo Nagumo is hailed as one of the most inventive mixologist in the cocktail world, both within and outside of Tokyo. The word ‘mixology’ refers to the “study of mixing things”, a mid 19th century term that has been revived to describe the recent renaissance of the craft.

And Shuzo, famous for his unique creations such as Foie Gras vodka and wasabi gin based cocktails, deconstructs, distills and extracts every unexpected flavor that he eventually reassembles – not unlike the culinary approach of molecular gastronomy.

Forging a new tradition —  
Washoku precision, unlimited innovation

What makes Shuzo’s creations one of the most sought after, is a solid foundation of Japanese bartending (precision and an extraordinary attention to detail), topped by his pursuit of new flavors – continuously distorting the boundaries of mixology. One of his most famous cocktails is the Tom Yam Cooler – a refreshing (and rather unexpected) reinterpretation of the Thai spicy savoury soup dish. If one is to distill the magic behind Shuzo Nagumo’s work, it is the imagination and inspiration behind his creations that transcends the glass – and into a whole new sensory experience for the drinker.

Hypothesis, imagination, or maybe fantasy — I think about how I can realize the flavor and then use things like the depressurizing distiller or the vacuum.”
— Shuzo Nagumo

Currently the mastermind behind 7 mixology bars in Tokyo, Shuzo Nagumo’s creations can be found at the following locations:

  • The BAR codename MIXOLOGY Tokyo (Yaesu)
  • The BAR codename MIXOLOGY Akasaka (Akasaka)
  • Mixology Laboratory (Yaesu)
  • Mixology Experience (Roppongi)
  • Mixology Salon (Ginza)
  • Mixology Spirits Bang(k) (Ginza)
  • The Station Bar Mixology (Kanazawa)

The Masters Series Presents:
Mixology Salon (Tokyo) X La Terre (Singapore)

Celebrated as the ‘Willy Wonka of cocktail creations’, famed Japanese mixologist and owner of the Mixologist Group Shuzo Nagumo will be hosting a guest shift at La Terre Japanese Wine and Whisky Bar on January 16 – 17, 2019. Joining him will be Yukino Sato, Senior Bartender of Codename Mixology Tokyo and Mixology Salon (Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2018).

The duo will be serving up a series of unique tea-based cocktails, a selection of which will be crafted with The Dalmore 15 whisky. A limited tea-tail Omakase course will be available on January 17 2019, 3–5pm. A la carte signature cocktails and wine service will also be available from 6:30pm onwards in the evenings of January 16 – 17 2019.

This collaboration will kick off a series of mixology-themed events at La Terre, presented by The Master Series.

About The Dalmore
Since its creation back in 1839, The Dalmore distillery has continued to stand apart and defy convention to create bold and adventurous whiskies. Honouring a 175 year old tradition of multi-cask maturation, The Dalmore is matured in a minimum of two precious wooden casks which give the spirit a style, complexity and depth of flavour that is unlike other single malt whiskies. The Dalmore is the official sponsor for the Mixology Salon x La Terre event.