The Luminaries:

“I believe I need to be able to move people emotionally through my shoes. Therefore, I want to keep on making shoes that I think will inspire people.”

About Yohei Fukuda: The Best Of Both Worlds

A legend of the bespoke shoe industry, Yohei Fukuda has been crafting some of the most elegant and refined footwear for men since 2008. In celebration of 10 years of bespoke mastery, Yohei Fukuda is now launching his eponymous Ready-to-Wear shoe collection.

Having forged his foundations under British shoemaker George Cleverley, each Yohei Fukuda shoe is a culmination of authentic British tradition and Japanese dexterousness and meticulosity.

As part of the launch of The Master Series, Yohei Fukuda will be launching his new RTW line further in Asia.

In an exclusive collaboration with Singapore based fine wine and whisky retailer, Wine & Whisky, Yohei Fukuda has created a series of exclusive limited edition handcrafted wine carriers.



Yohei Fukuda RTW

The Yohei Fukuda X The Masters Series is a showcase of the Yohei Fukuda RTW line, paired with each shoe’s original inspiration. With each piece crafted with a wine or spirit in mind, the series is a crossover of contemporary masters — a shoemaking legend and the living legacy of its wine and spirits muses.